cheap MDF Wave Panels

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Sculptured Wall Panels
Lephon Sculptured Wall Panels are the new trend in wall art. Our MDF sculpture panels match on 4 sides & can be installed horizontally or vertically. With 3D Decorative Wall Panel you can infuse a new life to your walls with modern, stylish, extravagant and eco-friendly 3D wall panels. The wall panels create a truly incredible and stylish contemporary design to your home adding movement, excitement and drama.
Product Details
Size1220mm*2440mm (4’x8’ feet)
Thickness9mm,12mm,18mm,21mm and 25mm
MaterialMDF ,HDF
Board GradeE0,E1,E2
SurfaceRaw material finish, painting
ColorAny color & customized color
PackingEach piece wiped with bubble bags to one carton ; Customized box packing
Quantity400 sheets/20ft
FeatureWater-proof, Moisture-proof, Fire-proof, very durable
PatternContinuously (could changed to a whole pattern)
UsageWidely   used in housing, villas, night clubs, hotels, shopping malls, office, ect.
WeightAbout 25 kgs/pc.
Load Quantity20GP: 400 pcs., 40GP: 800 pcs. (for 15mm thk)
Physical and Mechanical Properties:
Internal bonding strength0.75 MpaStatic bending strength36.3 Mpa
Bending modulus3420 MpaThickness swelling11.7%
Resistance to screw withdrawal (board side)950 NResistance to screw withdrawal (board surface)1670 N
Moisture content6.4%Density776 kgs/m³
Board density deviarion+7%    /  -1.3%
Water Absorption6-8% without exterior coating
2% when exterior coating is applied
Production Process:
1. Unique surface solution
2. Water-proof, fire-proof, moisture-proof, very durable
3. Less expensive and cost-effective
4. Easy maintenance and installation
1. Widely used in housing, villas, night clubs, hotels, shopping malls, office, ect..
2. For high-quality interior decoration projects.
3. Applied in the door, cabinet, furniture manufacturing
4. Used as a screen or fresco
5. Used to replace the traditional ceiling and create more elegant, personality commercial space
1. Clean the Surface where you will install the panels
2. Apply glue on wall and panel (fast bonding spraying glue recommended)
3. Stick panels on the wall. Use pins or apply pressure on four corners and edges of the panel
Painted panel: each piece wiped with bubble bags to one carton
Raw panel: every two panels in one carton box without pearl wool
Customized packing is also available
Lephon Factory:
Lephon factory have been specialized in designing and manufacturing of 3d wall panels for more than 10 years. Most of Lephon staff are very professional at carving, polishing, painting. Lephon’s MDF Wave Boards & Decorative Grille Panels have always been made by 3 times hand-polishing, and painting. Through several times hand-made rough grinding, fine grinding, primer coating & finish coating, Lephon always offer best quality and service to every customers.
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